Par B.L.eux

Par B.L.eux, the company for contemporary creation, re-defines dance by emphasizing the importance of dialogue between choreographers and collaborators. Benoît Lachambre puts into practice an approach that shares Somatic practices, that he draws upon for his creations, performances and workshops.


Genesis and mission :

With thirty years of solid experience behind him as a choreographer, performer, improviser and teacher, active in North America as well as in Eu­rope, Benoît Lachambre created his company in 1996 out of the need for a platform that would allow him to produce his research projects and de­velop an original creative structure. So, Par B.L.eux (‘B.L.’ for his own initials and ‘eux’ for ‘them,’ his collaborators) was born and its mission is as fol­lows: to create and produce works in a spirit of openness and collaboration, while encouraging inter-disciplinary relationships in dance. The company helps to promote international exchanges and multiplies opportunities for encounters between artists from diverse artistic and geographic backgrounds. Par B.L.eux believes that the evolution of dance feeds off of an abundance of ideas, and dynamic, conti­nuous exchange of artistic practice and concepts.

Through his own artistic process, Benoît La­chambre cultivates grounds and forums for mee­tings and exploration, where the space for crea­tion is wide open. Since the foundation of the company in 1996, Par B.L.eux has created seventeen pieces, including several collaborations. The company has performed in some fifteen countries around the globe, mainly in Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Germa­ny, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Austria, etc.), but also in North America (Canada, the U.S., Brazil), and Asia (South Korea, China). Over 500 per­formances have been given.

Par B.L.eux embraces experimental techniques and approaches in dance (releasing, improvisation, composition, body consciousness) for which Benoît Lachambre is renowned, thanks to his workshops and teaching activities around the world. His skills are very much in demand and these workshops of­ten serve as a springboard for the discovery of his works. More than 120 workshops have been given in fifteen years, in such places as Tanz Im August (Berlin, Ger­many), ImPulsTanz (Vienna, Austria), Circuit Est and Usine C (Montréal, Canada), P.A.R.T.S (Brussels, Bel­gium), SNDO (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and l’Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson (Paris, France).

The company is also dedicated to supporting the new generation of dancers and choreographers by providing technical support and mentorship.