Chutes Incandescentes

Throughout the process that led to the crea­tion of this piece, Benoît Lachambre and Clara Furey hoped to bring out aspects of Western culture that are deeply rooted in Eastern mythology. Our subconscious is doubtless more occupied, culturally speaking, than we may think. With Chutes Incan­descentes, they are not looking to appropriate a culture, but instead to demonstrate that these Eas­tern notions are part of our very humanity.

Chutes Incandescentes sets forth a dream that Clara and Benoît share, combining their respective talents in a solo for two bodies, passionate and in­definable. Inspired by the poems of Rumi and the texts of the Mahabharata, this dream invites us to face the incandescent fall of the demon Ravana through a dream, where we see Ravana’s fears, the disguised interventions of the half-god Rama, the beautiful Sita and Hanuman, a Monkey-war-god. Clara becomes Benoît’s voice, flesh and vision, incarnating the dreams that he has been dreaming since he was very young. Love, spirituality and sexuality are all juxtaposed. The voices join the piano, which follows the bodies that become the instruments of darkness and light. As humans, they are witnesses to a cultural anthropology through the excavation of our subconscious.

Art is there to reveal that which has remained hidden so long, making the invisible visible… 

Concept and Choreography Benoît Lachambre
Music et Musical direction Clara Furey
Performed by Benoît Lachambre et Clara Furey

Adapted from Jellalludin Rûmi’s texts (in english), Be­noît Lachambre (in french), inspired by Mahâbhâra­ta, and Clara Furey (Nobody Knows and Black Crown).

Scenography Benoît Lachambre with the collabora­tion of Annick La Bissonnière
Properties design Alain Jenkins
Artistic advisors Céline Bonnier, Daniele Albanese, Katya Montaignac and Rachel Tess
Lighting Lucie Bazzo
Technical Direction Karine Gauthier

Par B.L.eux acknowledges also the Théâtre de Quat’Sous (Montreal) and the Atelier de Paris-Caro­lyn Carlson for their support. 

Special acknowledgments to Ong Keng Sen for the solo “… Like a cat sitting on the edge of an ocean of milk hoping to gal it all up.“, created with and for Benoît Lachambre and wich has been used for the initiation of this work.

Chutes Incandescentes premiered in May 2012 at Festival TransAmérique (Montréal)

© Credit: Michael Slobodian