Skills: Clara Furey, Co-creations, portfolio

Untied Tales (the vanished power of the usual reign)

This work, at once poetic and sombre, is performed like a twisted fairy tale. It involves a meeting with the other, filled with both torments and marvels. A hallucinogenic world In which the eyes do not see. With a constant feeling of urgency, it reminds us of our final, unavoidable destiny, where we know that we will know nothing.

The two dancers—in turn children, brother and sister, man and woman—embody continuity and rupture, proximity and distance, light and shadow, hope and terror. Together, they recount a story through movements that are at times abstract and at times figurative. A choreographic game is set in motion, which questions the relationship between fiction and reality, illusion and truth. Resulting from of a meeting between the artistic worlds of Clara Furey and Peter Jasko, the choreography combines traditional dance, contemporary dance, music and performance art. The movement is guided by this central question: how can two artistic worlds and languages co-exist without rejecting the baggage of either?

Untied Tales allows the worlds of the two choreographer-dancers to intersect, without either one submitting to the other. The traditional nature of Peter Jasko’s dance is expressed, in particular, through the movements of the feet, at once precise and undulating. He sweeps the floor with his feet in circular fashion, with finesse and fluidity, his movements appearing almost aerial. The movements of Clara Furey, conversely, are more performative, direct, frontal, emotionally charged. She represents the dark or shadowy side of this black “fairy tale.”

Creation and choreography : Clara Furey & Peter Jasko
Dancers : Clara Furey, Peter Jasko
Composer : Tomas Furey
Light design : Alexandre Pilon-Guay
First artistic consultant : Catherine Gaudet
Light assistant : Olivier Chopinet
Technic manager : Karine Gauthier
Support during the rehearsal : Samuel Lefeuvre and Jamie Wright
Artistic consultants : Benoît Lachambre et Francis Ducharme